Hello fall and Firenze!

I’ve done a poor job regularly updating this blog, but posts will come 2-4 times a month in the coming year.

Quick updates

-I finished up my MLIS coursework in early August.  I’m remaining a student for my new position, but am no longer considering myself a library school student.
-I’ve also stopped writing for Hack Library School. I had a great year writing for the blog and meeting other students, but I no longer have much to say about library school life. The blog is looking for new writers, so if you’re in library school, you should apply!
-I finished my Graduate Assistant year in scholarly communications at FSU.
-And I moved out of Tallahassee, FL. (I’m suddenly craving a burger from Monk’s and Momo’s pizza now…)

-I moved to Florence, Italy on Monday.
-The next day I started my new position as the Library Supervisor at the Florida State University Florence Study Center Library. This position is an amazing internship opportunity offered to FSU MLIS students. Since this is an internship offered through a partnership between FSU SLIS and FSU International Programs, I have to remain a student and take one internship course each semester… but a year in Italy is totally worth delaying officially completing my MLIS.
-It still hasn’t fully sunk in, but I am living in beautiful Firenze!

This is the Santa Croce. I pass by it every day walking to and from my apartment to the Library.
This is the Santa Croce. I pass by it every day walking to and from my apartment to the Library.

The Library

The library at the FSU Florence Study Center is pretty small. There is an estimated ~7,000 volume collection, a card catalog, a staff of 6 (myself and five soon to be hired student library assistants). My project for the fall semester is to weed the collection with criteria and final decision consultation from the FSU Libraries and the Study Center’s Director. My greatest hope for this experience is to establish a digital catalog for the library by next summer. I’m hoping we can work out a way to add the Florence collection to the FSU Libraries catalog, but if not, I’m eyeing Koha.

Below is a quick Vine tour of the Library. In order of appearance: entryway/foyer; library room with shelves, circulation desk, and card catalog; the “book room” that houses the majority of the collection and is used for quiet studying or research; hallway with 5 computers, and shelves with leisure fiction and textbooks; student lounge for hanging out between classes with a small fridge and microwave; small computer lab with 5 computers and free printing; and my office. More pictures can be found on the Study Center’s website.

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