#HLSDITL – Friday

I’m participating in Hack Library School’s Day in the Life to share my daily experience as a library school student. More info: here. Interested in what other students are up to? Check out #HLSDITL tags across Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr.

Join me in supporting the Digital Public Library of America. Instructions here: bit.ly/XwsBge If you’re a library school student, tweet it to @dpla with #HLSDITL!

8:00-1:00 I had internship hours this morning. I spent most of the morning creating a fairly full calendar of science “holidays.” I had started this at the end of my hours on Wednesday, but I expanded it from a simple list to a spreadsheet and matched holidays with books in the collection. Then I went to WorldCat and matched up books to links, so that the MagLab can use WorldCat buttons when the new website launches. I’m hoping that at the end of my internship I can leave a solid collection that will be easy to upload to the new website, and that I can provide some ready-made programs like the holiday calendar and book club lists.

1:00-1:05 I am a new social media volunteer with Penny4NASA. I’m incredibly excited to be helping out, and today was my first post. I wrote it last night and quickly posted it before heading on to the second half of my day. Check it out and follow: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr.

1:30-5:30 Most Fridays afternoons I take a nap, watch Hulu, or start on homework. Since I was sick on Monday, I went to FSU today to make up for the last half of those hours. The library was so empty! It is the Friday before Spring Break, so it makes a lot of sense. I chatted with a librarian about job applications, edited a handout on submitting to DigiNole so that the College of Medicine Scholarly Communications Librarian could use it in outreach, worked on updating a spreadsheet for LIS journals, and drafted an outline for faculty data that I’ll be working on for Monday.

5:30-7:00 Went home, made dinner, took the above picture (don’t I look tired? hah), and wrote this.

7:00-All weekend Watching Arrested Development and sleeping. 

It has been great connecting with other students this week and learning more about what you all are up to!

BONUS: My Friday in gifs


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