#HLSDITL – Thursday

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The office area I'm in at the FSU library can get quite cold. My pac-man blanket is a wonderful fix for the problem!
The office area I’m in at the FSU library can get quite cold. My pac-man blanket is a wonderful fix for the problem!

8:00-10:30 Went to work at FSU. I didn’t mention this clearly in previous HLSDITL posts, but I am a Graduate Assistant in Technology and Digital Scholarship. I primarily work on projects related to open access, scholarly communications, and FSU’s institutional repository. This morning I did research on LIS journals and started brainstorming. I have what I think is a really awesome idea! More info at a later date. Also, when I arrived to work I discovered the smoke alarm right by my desk had a low battery… it chirped and chirped and chirped. I was very excited to leave at 10:30 for class.

11:00-12:30 Copyright class time. Today was all right. We went over MGM v. Grokster. Today was a bit more of a traditional law class, since we listened to tapes from the 9th circuit case and he asked students to respond with strong arguments. I took more of an observer position for that.

12:30-1:30 Grabbed a quick lunch with David and Michael, two Honors friends from FGCU. They picked me up outside the law school and asked what class I was coming from. After I mentioned copyright class, Michael brought up Creative Commons and it was a nice conversation. I got to update them on what I’m up to, I learned the projects they’re working on, heard more about the PhD program David will be going to next year at UC Davis. It was great to catch up! I’ll be visiting FGCU next week during spring break for Pi(e) day.

1:30-3:00 Went back to work, continued on journal research and made a good dent in it. But the alarm chirping was starting to really irritate me…

3:00-3:30 So I decided to take the opportunity to get fresh air, empty myself of the irritation, and do an errand. I went to the Student Union where the Center for Participant Education (an AMAZING student organization on campus) is located to pick up zines for my digital library class project. It was supposed to be a quick visit, since CPE’s Director left me a some zines and I just needed to grab them. The PR Director was there when I got there and we began talking. I explained why I was there, was a library student and she said, “Do you work with Micah?” Micah is their favorite librarian! She told me about a presentation he gave last year on collecting, sharing, preserving, and archiving alternative media. It was a great conversation. We talked about zines (she is working on her first one!), Creative Commons, open access, activism, her honors thesis, and briefly music. She was fantastic and I left feeling renewed and full of enthusiasm.

3:30-5:30 After the wonderful question and feeling a lot better, I went back to work and finished up the Honors FAQ I began the other day and started working up a design for the idea that came to me in the morning. I stayed until 5:30 to balance for the CPE detour.

5:30-8:00 Left work, went home, had dinner, wrote this, wrote my Penny4NASA social media posts (up on Friday and Sunday), and worked on a second draft for a fellowship that I am applying for. Crossing all my fingers and toes that I get it!

8:00-10:00 Granting Writing class online. Tonight we had a guest speaker, Harold George who is a Branch Manager at St. Johns County Public Library System and adjunct professor for FSU’s School of Library and Information Studies. He discussed his previous grant experiences and answered questions from the class. Also, my professor likes posing “brainteaser” questions that are what would you do if this happened in your library questions? How would you handle a patron who had lice, or someone who trespasses at your library?

BONUS: My Thursday in gifs


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