#HLSDITL – Wednesday

I’m participating in Hack Library School’s Day in the Life to share my daily experience as a library school student. More info: here. Interested in what other students are up to? Check out #HLSDITL tags across Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr.

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory where I intern

8:30-1:00 Went to my internship at the MagLab. I’m supposed to work 8-1, but I needed to do something internship-related at 5 so I came in at 8:30. My internship is 98% independent. I sit at my desk and work on my laptop. Today I went back to the original Science in Literature collection. When I began I put all the books into a spreadsheet to organize, I looked at the data to see where the current weak spots are (targeted populations and science topics) and started compiling a list of  ‘science holidays’ so I can plan out programs that the Public Affairs and Education Departments can use next year to promote the collection, which will be an online resource to collect readers to books that highlight science.

1:00-1:40 Left the MagLab, drove home to drop off my laptop, ate lunch in the car, and went to FSU to make up for missing work on Monday

1:40-5:10 Added four articles into the IR from a Department of Urban and Regional Planning faculty member, made a quick news post for OANow because UNC Greensboro passed a OA policy for library faculty, worked on the FAQ for the Honors Undergraduate Theses submissions and Creative Commons handouts, and caught up on reading (all while listening to Amanda Palmer and Gaslight Anthem—getting to listen to music all day while working is one of my favorite perks!).

5:10-5:45 Worked on summaries for three graphic novels from the Summer Camp Science Mysteries. It is such a wonderful collection! I highly recommend it to any children’s librarians or teachers. Leon County only had books 5-8, so I put in an ILL request for 1-4 (1 request not granted). Unfortunately, the lending library only permitted in library use so I had to do the summaries after work. Then typed up this.

6:00-7:30 Left work, went home, had dinner, and wrote this.

8:00-10:00 Trivia night! Time to flex those librarian know-it-all skills! There is a really awesome, incredibly well done trivia night at Tallahassee’s Midtown Filling Station. If you live in Tallahassee, I highly recommend it.

BONUS: My Wednesday in gifs


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